Show some love to this tiny little pup named Rico, who is six weeks old and barely weighs a pound!

Rico was surrendered to a South Carolina veterinary hospital after he was stepped on and one of his back legs almost crushed! Instead of helping this poor little guy after causing him such a severe injury, this person’s first instinct was to give him up. It is beyond our understanding, but thankfully Rescue Dogs Rock was contacted, and as always, immediately stepped in to help save this tiny life.

Rico’s prognosis is still only 50/50. He is a tiny little pup, though is thankfully fighting hard. 

Rico remains on an intravenous drip while he is fighting to get better. Here he is having a much-needed nap! He is so small that it is easy to see just how fragile little Rico is! Whether his injury was malicious or accidental, we don’t know, we only know that he desperately needs our help.

Rico might be tiny, but he knows how to give a good cuddle. He has captured the hearts of all of his carers, and it’s easy to see why.

It is hard work being this tiny and this unwell. Keep fighting little Rico! As soon as you are better there will be a forever home waiting for you!


It is awful enough to give up an animal just because you don’t want it anymore. But it seems even more callous when that abandonment happens when a pet most desperately needs our help. And when the injury is so fresh, and the first thought a person has is to discard that pet as though they are trash, it really breaks our hearts. This is why we fight so hard for adopting pets instead of buying them in stores. There are so many out there who need our love and support.

Rescue Dogs Rock is constantly saving the lives of animals who would otherwise have nothing and no one, or might even be euthanized. Their Facebook page is full of stories that will both break your heart and restore a little faith in humanity. And to keep bringing us these stories and saving all these lives, they need our help! Please visit their Facebook page and consider making a donation.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock