Our hearts are breaking for this beautiful little kitten called Luke! Rescue Dogs Rock‘s Manuela Ela Schafer found him in a cage, looking as though he’s never known an ounce of love in his life. Luke is around four or five months old, and he is severely malnourished. He is flea infested and full of worms, but these things barely scratch the surface of all that has happened to Luke!

When Manuela found him, Luke had a collar around his neck that was so tight it had embedded into his neck. The skin had grown around the collar, meaning Luke’s head was permanently raised. It is horrific to think about the agony he must have been in, and for how long he’s been left like this!

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Luke’s entire body was covered in maggots as he festered from his wounds. He hasn’t been given a single moment of care in his young life. 

This is what the collar looked like after it was carefully removed from Luke’s neck. If you’ve got a strong stomach, you can see the videos of just how horrific Luke’s wound is on Rescue Dogs Rock’s Facebook page. Please be warned, they are horrific; Luke’s neck is completely raw!

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As soon as his collar was off, Luke transformed into a kitten who loved to be stroked and held, happily letting his carers wrap him up in a blanket to keep him warm. He is being prepared for surgery so that awful rawness around his neck can be treated. Keep fighting, little Luke! We guarantee there is a life of love in your future!

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Why do people keep pets they have no interest in taking care of? Surely the first thought a person has when they bring a pet home is that they want to make them a part of their family and give them the best of everything. How could you put a collar on a kitten as though you’ve claimed it, then leave it to end up like this?

Rescue Dogs Rock meets pets like Luke on the worst days of their lives, doing everything they can to make them safe and well again. They need our support to keep going so that they can continue to save the lives of those like Luke. Please consider making a donation! Please visit the Rescue Dogs Rock Facebook page to find out more about all the incredible work they do.

Image Source: Rescue Dogs Rock