BeanVivo is a 100 percent plant-based brand headquartered in San Diego that makes flavorful beans with Latin and Asian flairs. Designed for people on-the-go, their products made from whole foods are perfectly paired with veggies and savory snacks and are also just right on their own. Sourcing only organic non-GMO pinto, Great Northern white, and black turtle beans grown in America, the young brand has already seen impressive growth in the retail market, receiving rave reviews from satisfied customers. And now BeanVivo has the goal of further expansion, and they have taken to Kickstarter to get the public involved in their mission. Need an extra reason to join in? There are a bunch of awesome prizes awarded to donors!

Although BeanVivo products are suitable for anyone wanting a nutrient-dense snack filled with protein and fiber, the brand also has a special focus on fueling everyday athletes like hikers, runners, and yoginis who need all that beans have to offer in order to perform their best. BeanVivo describes the benefits of beans on their Kickstarter page: “Beans are an amazingly sustainable crop producing little relative carbon and providing soil with loads of beneficial nutrients … Beans are full of protein, fiber, iron, potassium and have unique properties that help to regulate blood sugar.”

The brand also emphasizes that the production of beans creates just five percent of the carbon dioxide emissions as beef. Furthermore, a study published in Climatic Change revealed that if beef was swapped for beans worldwide, we would be 75 percent closer to meeting our greenhouse gas reduction goals by 2020. It would also use 42 percent less land, making beans a perfect solution to feed our planet’s ever-growing population.

Want to join the BeanVivo “tribe” and help this game-changing brand make an even greater impact? Then visit their Kickstarter page here to make a donation that will contribute to the expansion of the brand in four main areas: production scaling, sales support, education, and innovation. All donations will be met kindly with a wide array of gifts, ranging from BeanVivo snacks, reusable bags, eating utensils, and water bottles, clothing suitable for outdoor adventures, One Green Planet’s Eat for the Planet book (yes!), and even action-packed vacation packages — way too cool!

To learn more about the brand and order some of their flavor-filled beans for yourself, visit their website here. To support their Kickstarter, click here.

We love seeing plant-based companies succeed and expand, especially when they have a focus on sustainability. Our food choices are directly tied to the health of the Earth as a whole, and we each have the power to help heal our ailing planet by choosing plant-based living. To learn more about the environmental impact of our food choices, check out the Eat for the Planet book here.

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Image Source: vivotribe/Instagram