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The fur industry has (thankfully) been suffering significantly recently with numerous top designers like Gucci and Versace ditching fur and even entire cities including San Francisco and Los Angeles banning the sale of fur, citing animal rights concerns. And while fur-trimmed slippers and coats may be more difficult to find these days, animal hair brushes are still plentiful if not the norm.

A petition on Care2 explains how badgers are brutally raised for their fur and hunted in the wild to be made into shaving brushes for brands like the Proctor and Gamble-owned The Art of Shaving. The petition’s author explains how these badgers are typically from China and raised in squalor and bludgeoned to death just like any other animal farmed for their fur, as a PETA investigation revealed. After Proctor and Gamble was notified of the cruelty behind their brushes, they said they would stop selling badger fur after their current inventory was sold out. However, the petition’s author points out that on The Art of Shaving website, the badger hair brushes are being sold under the label of “pure brushes” with no mention of the cruelty involved in making them.

If you would like to see these badger hair brushes removed from the market once and for all, and have Proctor and Gamble make a charity donation toward ending the fur industry for good, please sign the petition here.

Many people are unaware that badgers are used in such a gruesome and unnecessary manner, so please do your part to help spread awareness and support and SHARE this with your network!

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Pixabay