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One Green Planet is a platform for the growing compassionate and eco-conscious generation.

Our goal is to help create a world where we eat delicious food and use amazing products that provide us with maximum benefit and have minimum impact on the planet.

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Over 15,000 Vegan And Allergy-Friendly Recipes


Take control of the damage being caused by animal agriculture and show the world how the fork can be an incredibly effective tool in the fight against climate change.

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The Founders

Nil Zacharias

Nil is the co-founder of One Green Planet. He is also host of the popular weekly podcast,”#EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias,” and co-author of the upcoming book, Eat For The Planet, to be published via Abrams Image in Spring 2018. Nil believes empowering people to make planet-friendly food choices as well as supporting innovation in the food industry are the most tangible solutions we have to our environmental and health crisis. Nil started his career as an intellectual property lawyer and worked for over 12 years in the digital media and online advertising space in various business and operational roles prior to founding One Green Planet. He can be found on Twitter @nilzach.

Preeta Sinha

Preeta is the co-founder of One Green Planet. She is also the creator and brain behind the Food Monster app — the largest plant-based food app in the market today. Her day to day involves handling product and editorial vision, revenue, overall operations and spearheading partnerships for the company. She has previously worked for startups like, iVillage (acquired by NBC Universal) and UGO Networks (acquired by Hearst Corporation). Preeta’s love for animals, eco-conscious living and the creative arts goes back to her childhood — she grew up spending time volunteering at local animal shelters, caring for numerous homeless dogs in and around her neighborhood and practicing various creative arts with her mom. This led her to specialize in urban wildlife photography during her college years in Mumbai, India. Preeta is passionate about women & minority empowerment, body positivity, plant-based nutrition and elevating the various underrepresented communities she belongs to. When she is not at work she can be found painting, sculpting, reading or seeking out recycled swag for her apartment. Preeta is also currently pursuing a masters degree in Public Health-Nutrition. She can be found on Twitter @preetweet and via email at 

Our Team

Goji Berry

Goji Berry

Chief Happiness Officer

Firstly, how dare you? But if I must, as a yogini, I find myself often pondering life and the cycle it follows for all of us. We’re all interconnected. For example, when I see a squirrel happily scampering up a tree, a chain reaction begins in me that causes me to lose my ever loving mind. But then, you throw me a ball, and I’m like OMG! You see? Connections. Bottom line, I hold degrees in cuddling and belly rubs from UC BARKley and HOWLvard respectively, which makes me an expert in being the happiest being ever. I run a tight ship here, you’ll hear me bark loud and proud when you see me the first time but I offer tons kisses and snuggles to those that help my fellow furry-bottomed soldiers out on the field. Namaste.

Savin Vijay

Savin Vijay


My name is pronounced “seven”, now if that’s not awesome enough, then I can also tell you that I can code in seven languages, have seven meals a day, my workstation has seven screens and “Seven” is my favorite movie. But enough about me, right?! I am the guy who fixes problems that you didn’t know we had, in a way you don’t understand. I eat glitches for breakfast, battle code for lunch and deal with evils of 404 errors & slow loading times for dinner. I make the engine behind this monster-of-a-platform run smooth. I still have about 50 characters to go so here you go…Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, quam morbi, sed nunc. Vestibulum dictumst.

Nicola Clayton

Nicola Clayton


With over 30 years of expertise in advertising, marketing and PR – including digital, print and magazine, I’ve worked with clients across all industries. I enjoy helping brands create beautiful stories. In my spare time, you can find me working out, doing spartan races, enjoying time in the Hamptons or testing out vegan recipes from the Food Monster App!

Kate Good

Kate Good

Editorial Manager: Animals & Earth

When it comes to the planet and animals, I will leave no stone unturned, no valley unexplored, no environmental issue unresearched and no puppy un-cuddled. I am the Editorial Manager for the Animal, Earth, Life, and Buzz channels and coordinate petition content, One Green Planet’s newsletter, and manage social media. I also manage audio production and content support for the #EatForThePlanet with Nil Zacharias podcast – hey, helping you connect the dots and take action for the planet is my thing!.

Ally McLaughlin

Ally McLaughlin

Editorial Coordinator: Recipes

Switching to a vegan diet helped me overcome obesity, depression, and various health issues. I have lost over 150 pounds, reversed all of my health problems, and have more energy than ever! So now I toil away sniffing out the most delicious, scrumtrulescent, mouthwatering, vegan recipes to bring to you. It’s a tough job, filled with late-night vegan donut cravings and yearnings for beet burgers. I’m here to ply you with amazing plant-based recipes that are kind to you, animals and the planet. So, what are you waiting for?! Eat up!

Sander Gusinow

Sander Gusinow

Editorial Manager: Food & Health

I spend my time managing tasks, schedules, deadlines and maintaining processes to ensure you receive your favorite food & health features every day! I got my Masters from Columbia University and have been a writer and animal rights advocate for over fifteen years. My dog is a social activist as well!! When I’m not at work, I can be found playing tons of board games, and being a gracious loser when I eventually get demolished.

Abigail Vermeal

Abigail Vermeal

Editorial Assistant

I have always been passionate about animals, the planet, writing, and of course vegan food! Eating a plant-based diet significantly improved my health, both physically and mentally, and has become one of my most valued causes. Thankfully, working at One Green Planet means I get to work on my passion everyday! I do everything from writing stories to scheduling social media and supporting the editorial team. Some of my other interests include drinking lots of coffee, singing and playing music, and spending time with my cat, Milo.

Emma Moe

Emma Moe


I completed my bachelors in journalism from Norway and moved to New York to do my MBA. Luckily, I ended up at the inspiring Food team at One Green Planet, where I get to do what I love – promoting plant-based food every day! I do graphics and social media as well as provide all kinds of editorial, tech and sales support to the team. In my free time, I love to walk around the city looking for plants or books, going to thrift shops, drinking way too much Kombucha, and writing!

Annette Aletor

Annette Aletor


I have experience in litigating matters arising under federal and state employment laws. I also represent management and employers in a wide variety of employment-related matters including defense of actions commenced in federal and state court and before government agencies. I, along with the brilliant team of attorneys work at Wilson Elser and represent One Green Planet.

Our Writers

Cait Corcoran


I received by bachelor’s degree at SUNY New Paltz in Classical Music and Creative Writing, and now I am lucky to be writing about the thing I’m most passionate about. I like to refer to myself as a “food nerd,” whose appetite for health and nutrition blossomed after choosing a vegan lifestyle. When I am not bustling away as a content creator, you can find me tucked away in a good book, practicing yoga, or watching a true crime documentary.

Elizabeth Hurley

Food & Health

Elizabeth is a vegan with a passion for nutrition and making recipes gluten-free; she firmly believes that celiac disease could never cramp her style! As an outspoken animal advocate, she’s also the creator of Finding Sanctuary, a nonprofit and website dedicated to connecting readers’ compassion for animals to conscious living. When she’s not writing, she’s gardening, practicing yoga, or messing around with acrylic paint. She lives in Oregon with her partner and their two crazy kitties.

Lauren Mauldwin


Lauren Mauldwin is an avid lover of food, plant-based cooking, yoga, and corgis. She loves discovering healthy and delicious alternatives while communicating the benefits of conscious living. Academically, her background is in policy, law, nutrition, sustainable land planning, and green infrastructure. She is very excited to join the One Green Planet team and contribute to the positive movement of kindness toward our bodies, animals, and the earth.

Kendra Lady

Food & Health

Kendra Lady is a dancer, writer, and vegan food enthusiast living in Eugene, Oregon. She has been dancing for 16 years and recently graduated from the University of Oregon with her BA in dance. She currently teaches at two local dance studios, in addition to running a personal poetry/prose blog and creating vegan recipes in her kitchen. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, watching The X-Files, and spending time in the great outdoors.

Chelsea Debret

Food & Health

Chelsea Debret is an author, freelance content writer, and bookseller. Her work has appeared in online literary journals and social forums. After achieving printed publication of her short story Strawberries in Paradigm Journal’s 2009 anthology, Chelsea began to explore professional writing. When not conjuring creative prose, wandering the stacks at the bookstore, or spinning content at her local coffee shop, this writer can be found hiking the Rockies, exploring new worlds, or nose deep in a novel.

Emily Raap


Emily Raap is a vegan, animal rights activist from Connecticut, currently residing in San Antonio, TX. Her full-time job is educating people about why they shouldn’t go to SeaWorld, and her biggest passion in life is helping animals. Through her writing, she hopes people will realize how easy it is to make more compassionate choices when it comes to food. In her spare time she enjoys hiking with her dogs and spending time outdoors.

Caroline Cote-Bergevin


Caroline is a Montreal-based Psychology Grad freelance writer passionate about health, wellness, plant-based living and exploring how the three are related by looking at the latest research. You will find her @theveganstoryteller on Instagram where her love for good vegan food is showcased and on her personal blog



I adore everything that creeps, crawls, slithers, trots, swims or flies. For every uplifting or harrowing animal-related story out there – wherever there is a reason to celebrate, or a reason to get up and help – I want to make sure you hear about it. I’m your animal police, if there is a creature who happens to be under threat because of human foolishness, I want to shout about it and get you all to do something about it. I consider it an honor to use my voice to help those who have none … and if I can do that while sighing over yet another adorable kitten video (hey, there can never be too many adorable kitten videos in this world, right?), all the better!



If you’ve ever wanted to be that person who grows stuff themselves, comes up with clever ways to reuse things 100 times overs or awes your friends by DIY-ing everything, I’m the guy to help you. I’m here to teach you about permaculture, upcycling and green gardening all while spitting out tips on hacks like Eminem spits lyrics. The best part is, you don’t even need to tell your roommate that you got that wicked cool idea for turning an old school CD rack into a lid holder for your pots and pans from me. Just say you came up with it on your own, I don’t need the credit. I’m a giver like that.